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Barbour’s comprehensive  information services span across a board spectrum of health, safety and environmental topics and regulations, packaged into three core modules with a selection of specialist supplements to help you with whatever your information needs.

Every package comes with Barbour’s popular Barbour resources including Director’s Briefings, Technical Guides, Employee Fact sheets, Model policies, permits to work and forms and checklists, and toolbox talks on a range of specialty topics. You will also receive our weekly email briefing on prosecutions and legislation updates, as well as us of the self assessment tools and legal register.

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Environment, Health and Safety (EHS)

The Environment, Health and Safety package provides information across a broad range of topics including Occupational Health (OHSAS 18001), energy efficiency and waste management (BS EN ISO 14001) to resources around environmental health, fire, waste and recycling, transportation, working at height and asbestos handling and much more!


Estates, Facilities Management (EFM)

The BIFM approved Estates and Facilities Management (EFM) package is a comprehensive service for anyone managing buildings or facilities, covering environment, health and safety, security, repairs, maintenance, fire and construction and more.


EHS Offshore (EHSO)

Environment, Health and safety especially packaged for those working off land, and covers topics that include offshore process safety, environmental health, Fire and explosion, food borne hazards and more.


Supplementary Modules

Barbour EHS offers a range of supplements to compliment your core service, so you can customise to your information needs. Here you will find more information around Fire Safety in partnership with the FPA, Environmental Health, Food Safety, Trading Standards, Chemical Safety and standards in partnership with BSI.


Environment Legal Registers

environment legal registers
The Environment Legal Registers will cover a variety of topics including air, energy and climate change, waste management and much more.