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Why Barbour?

The environment, health and safety information service approved by BIFM and USHA. With Barbour EHS you can find all the health and safety information you need to ensure compliance in a single place.  Barbour can help your business to achieve:

  • Compliance
  • High systems standards including BS OHSAS 18001, BS EN ISO 14001 and 50001
  • Maintaining stakeholder confidence
  • Support brand reputation
  • Effective planning and budgeting
  • Protecting the bottom line

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0845 300 0241 enquiries@barbourehs.com

Key Features

  • Director’s briefings provide snappy and easy to understand overviews, including relevant legislative information, case law and controlling and managing risk guidance
  • Technical guides provide end to end guidance to assist practitioners with knowledge and understanding, planning, implementation and management
  • Legislation diary allows you to plan ahead with a summary of what is coming into force and when
  • Model policies, forms, checklists and permits to work templates are in editable format providing a basis to work to, saving you time
  • Toolbox talks and employee factsheets assist with the knowledge sharing process, with editable 15 minute powerpoint presentations that you can use to facilitate training
  • Weekly briefing covering the latest industry news, prosecutions, reports, guidance and legislation

Key Benefits

  • Convenient and cost effective as all information is located in a single place, with over 800 sources and if you can’t find what you need, we will look to source it for you!
  • Be assured in knowing that all documents are updated the next day, include the latest changes and are replaced where relevant.  So you never have to screen through other versions to find what you need or risk using out of date information

Key Functionality

  • Quick search functionality and easy filters allow for easy intuitive navigation
  • Self assessment tools allow you to assess your safety process with BS OHSAS 18001, BS EN ISO 14001 and BS EN ISO 50001
  • Legal register to help you keep track of the information used in Barbour as part of your safety management system, with easy bookmarking and change alert functionality, so we will inform you when you need to review something that impacts your compliance management process