Barbour for You: Executives and Directors

When you’re accountable for the health and safety of your organisation, failure to deliver on your obligations leads to consequences, both personal and corporate.

How do you demonstrate your Board’s commitment to health and safety? Are you ensuring all staff, including the Board, are sufficiently trained and competent in their health and safety responsibilities?

How are changes in working legislation – which may have significant implications to health and safety – brought to the attention of your Board?

Your Board faces the following challenges:


Barbour EHS is your single solution to these challenges. Your service:


Barbour EHS: Saving Time and Money

There’s endless content out there – how do you know what is correct, relevant and up to date?

Over 60% of the information in Barbour’s knowledge banks is content you would need to purchase on a case by case basis if you went directly through the publisher. While some information is freely available, searching online will bring you to websites with varying levels of accuracy, currency and usability. It is time-consuming to source and risky to rely on. Even when you put the work hours this can take aside, can you afford the uncertainty?


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