Health and Safety Legislation update for October 2017 and beyond

This guide looks back at Brexit and moving on, independence given to the HSE FFI dispute process and sentencing guidelines. Whilst looking forward to the proposed new sentencing guidelines for ‘Gross Negligence Manslaughter’, PPE, ISO 45001 and much more, helping you to stay up to date with all the latest health and safety legislation changes this October in one handy document.

Security: A Technical Guide

This guide is focused on the health and safety issues around security, focusing specifically on; arson, malicious property damage, vandalism data and intellectual property protection, and potential terrorism. Which are all risks which can, in part, be controlled by adequate security measures that are periodically reviewed. The site with one broken window quickly becomes the site with many broken windows, so establishing an effective defect reporting procedure and repairing the damage quickly are important.

Security: Director’s Briefing

Security plays a vital role for the health and safety of everyone in any organisation, this guide will help assist you in protecting your company’s business, its people, its assets and reputation. It also provides case study examples of high security risk situations.

Property Owners Risk Management

There are a number of health & safety and risk management responsibilities for property owners whether the premises are run as a business or as an investment vehicle. This guide provides an overview of the key information and legislation that you need to know as an owner in order to remain compliant.

Energy Management Systems BS EN ISO 50001: Director’s Briefing

Senior management should be in full support of the Energy Management Systems BS EN ISO 50001 standard, and assign resources, time and budget to the project. This directors briefing is designed to help you communicate the facts and responsibilities to these members of your organisation.

Energy Sources and Energy Efficiency

Targets proposed for reductions in total UK carbon emissions of 34% by 2020, 57% 2030 and 80% by 2050 is a big task, especially with our reliance on dwindling sources of fossil fuels, with a need for an alternative. This guide provides an overview of the energy sources available and energy efficiency in the UK as well as the legal and compliance factors that may affect your organisation.

Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)

The Energy Efficiency Directive was adopted in October 2012 to create a common framework of measures for the promotion of energy efficiency within the EU, in order to ensure the achievement of the commitment to cut emissions. The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) was created in response to the requirement to implement Article 8 of the Energy Efficiency Directive. This guide provides an overview for ESOS and helps you to understand whether this applies to your organisation and a summary of what you are expected to do.

France Quick Facts

The Barbour ‘Quick Facts’ documents provide details of the regulatory and guidance situation for specific topics in a variety of countries. Our quick facts resources cover 9 countries and 13 facts, this document provides guidance for France.

Accidents and Incident Toolbox Talks

This Toolbox Talk is a practical tool for workshops and training in the event of an ‘Accident or Incident’ in the workplace and how to react.