An illuminated emergency exit sign on a brown painted wall

Building Safety Bill Round-Up 2021

Our Building Safety Bill Round-Up presents a comprehensive summary of key information about the Bill and explains some of the key terms and provisions it introduces. Download your free copy to get an in-depth round-up of: The background of the Bill, The buildings in scope, Who will be a dutyholder?, Accountable Persons and their statutory obligations, Residents, Building Safety Managers and Regulators, The gateways, The ‘golden thread’, Fire safety Order and the Building Safety Bill and much more.

A person holding a fire extinguisher up and ready to use it

Fire Prevention – Toolbox Talk

Fire can cause injury, death and damage to property. An organisation’s Fire Emergency Plan explains the procedures to follow in the event of a fire. This Toolbox Talk on fire prevention explores how fires start, what you can do to reduce the risks from fire, procedures that you should know, legal requirements, fire extinguisher colours, legislation and resources.

A fleet of white vans lined up in parking spaces

Fleet Management – Directors Briefing

According to HSE, over a quarter of all road traffic accidents involve somebody who is driving as part of their work. Organisations, their directors and senior managers all carry a legal responsibility to ensure that journeys undertaken on behalf of their business can be undertaken safely. This Briefing takes you through key points, recommendations for employers, legal duties, case law and relevant resources.

A computer displaying a graph and a pile of notebooks and a pen

Environmental Management System – Directors Briefing

An environmental management system (EMS) is a structured and documented system to manage a business’s environmental performance and responsibilities. This Directors Briefing takes you through why you should have one, what it includes, the objectives, who needs to be involved, and relevant legislation.

Legislation books with statue of justice scales

Legislation Update for October 2021

The Barbour Legislation Update for October 2021 is your all-in-one guide to help you understand new laws, standards and regulatory changes from the last few months. You will get summaries of recent updates, what legislation is coming into force, a round-up of this year so far, key consultations and notable prosecutions. Ensure that you’re up to date and compliant with your obligations in health and safety, environment, facilities management, fire safety and mental health.

A person demonstrating correct manual handling while lifting boxes in a warehouse

Manual Handling: Whiteboard Video

Manual handling involves the lifting, putting down, pushing, pulling, carrying or moving of a load. This includes pulling on a rope or lever, as well as directly handling the load. Bad manual handling techniques cause injury. Our whiteboard video takes you through good handling technique and considerations.

A person holding a recycling container full of cardboard waste

Zero to Landfill – Employee Factsheet

Zero to Landfill is a concept where no waste streams go to landfill. Instead, materials are diverted to other uses. It fits within the current sustainability agenda, which is actively promoted across the globe. This Employee Factsheet covers the concept, the Government’s role, circular economy and closing the loop, relevant legislation, business benefits, and how you can help.

A person using a forklift truck to reverse crates off of a shelf

Video: Legal Requirements and responsibilities of Using Forklift Trucks

Are your team fully trained to use forklift trucks? Are you aware of the legal requirements? In this session, we will cover forklift truck uses and hazards, as well as some key statistics and real life case studies of companies who have failed to follow the regulations needed to ensure safe use of forklift trucks in the workplace. We will also provide you with all the key legal requirements, mandatory training expectations and managerial responsibilities and recommendations. This talk took place at the virtual IMHX Connect on Monday 13th September 2021 at 11:20am.

Concerned workers discussing a topic together

Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace – Employee Factsheet

Bullying and harassment is offensive or insulting behaviour that makes someone feel intimidated. It may involve the abuse of power by one person over another, or it can involve groups of people. Bullying at work can form in many different ways. This document takes you through different types of bullying, the impact, your employer’s role, and what action you should take.

A forklift truck lifting items in a warehouse

Forklift Trucks – Employee Factsheet

Forklift trucks are commonly used in many workplaces and are involved in many workplace transport accidents. Common accidents include crush injuries from overturning lift trucks or due to collisions with pedestrians, other vehicles or objects. These incidents can lead to serious injuries and even death. Therefore, it is important that operators and pedestrians are aware of the risks associated with their use and the precautions to be taken.

Woman working from home at her desk

Home Working: Directors Briefing

Home working is no longer a temporary fix. Employers have a duty to protect the health and safety of all employees, including homeworkers. This Directors Briefing takes you through assessing the risks, common hazards, working from home in exceptional circumstances, employer responsibilities and more.

A security padlock and chains resting on a computer keyboard

Security – Employee Factsheet

When the security of an orqanisation is compromised, the outcome can be significant: loss of, and damage to, property, plant and equipment, business interruption, loss of data and harm to personnel or others. Having good security measures in place can help to protect the company’s business, its people, its assets and reputation.