International Service

If your business operates across a number of international jurisdictions, the Barbour International Service is the perfect solution for you. For help translating overseas legislation and an aid to manage the struggle of staying on top of the constant changes that could affect your company.

The International Service can be your one stop shop for your legislation and guidance needs required to help ensure your business is compliant, the service works much in the same way as our usual Barbour service, not just helping you to remain informed but it saves you time, money and allows you to perform your usual day to day activities but with a helping hand for all things international.

Key features includes:

  • Translated summaries for legislation not available in English
  • Search results filterable by country
  • New international guides
  • Weekly international briefings
  • Legislation diary

We also have a new bookmarking feature allowing you to save important or favourite documents into your bespoke library – once saved we will automatically send you an email alert if that document is updated or amended in any way.

Countries included:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • European Union
  • France
  • Germany
  • India
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Republic of Ireland
  • Singapore
  • South Africa
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • UAE
  • United States of America