Supplementary Modules

The Barbour EHS supplementary modules provide crucial information and guidance that apply broadly to a range of professional roles working within each of the below industries. The modules are a source of adding value to your professional skill set giving you the edge within your role as you will be fully informed and able when carrying out your day to day activities.

Chemical Safety

Chemical Safety with Barbour

Barbour EHS Chemical Safety service delivers the latest information and guidance to those requiring health and safety related data on individual compounds that are intrinsically hazardous, or become hazardous during storage, processing, manufacture or disposal.
All geared towards ensuring you and your employees are safe and fully informed when dealing with chemicals.

BSI Standards

Dictionary and loupe. Black and White. Blue tone. Shallow DOF

Barbour EHS has partnered with BSI to bring you British and International Standards modules to suit your needs. Standards provide the knowledge that organizations need to succeed, and deliver it in concentrated form. They can offer a set of powerful tools to make your organization more innovative and productive.

Fire Plus

Fire Safety with Barbour

Barbour EHS has partnered with the FPA to bring you the Fire Plus Safety information service, which provides information on technical and training requirements for fire service professionals and safety trainers as well as all aspects of fire risk management, safety engineering and incident response. So fire safety professionals are always up to date and able to deliver their crucial services.

Environmental health

environmental health with Barbour

The Barbour EHS information service supports the information needs of Environmental Health professionals in local authorities and the armed services and other related professionals. The service specifically covers the full extent of topics required such as communicable diseases, emergency planning, housing standards, general registration and licensing.

Food safety

Food Safety with Barbour

The Barbour EHS Food Safety service supports the information requirements of a vast range of food safety professionals responsible for compliance with, and enforcement of, the Food Safety Act 1990 and related legislation. All aimed at providing a very informative service with a broad range of relevance and practical application across the food industry.

Trading standards

Barbour trading standards

The Barbour EHS Trading Standards service supports the information requirements of those responsible for compliance with, or enforcement of, trading standards legislation. Covering a broad range of need to know trading standard topics keeping you fully informed within your role.

Supplementary Modules

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