Find out more about the Barbour Service

Find out more about the Barbour Service

We provide a simplified, all-in-one solution to help you remain compliant with your obligations in:

Our service brings you guidance, content and regional legislation from over 800 trusted and official industry sources to help you filter down to what applies to you.

Plus, you’ll get comprehensive guides, editable template documents, ISO gap analysis tools, and training content to educate your teams on their responsibilities and influence company culture.

To find out more about how a subscription to our modules could support your organisation and help you cut through the legalese, fill out the form below and a member of our team will be in touch.

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Carbon Management – Toolbox Talk

Download the Carbon Management Toolbox TalkCarbon emissions

Our toolbox talk on carbon management will help you identify major sources of carbon emissions for your business and explore ways in which you can reduce them. Download now to find out more!

Driving at Work – Directors Briefing

Download the Driving at Work Directors Briefing

Driving for work

Driving is a large cause of work accidents and something that can be easily prevented. Small things such as removing distractions and limiting fatigue can reduce driving accidents. To find out more about how to combat this, download our directors briefing.

Legal Registers – Directors Briefing

Download the Legal Registers Directors BriefingBooks stacked on top of each other

If you are looking to draft your legal registers and want to ensure everything is correct then download our director’s briefing on legal registers to ensure you set them correctly.

Mental Health in the Workplace

Mental Health in the Workplace Directors BriefingMental Heath in the workplace

Download our Directors Briefings on Mental Health in the Workplace and understand common condition such as stress and anxiety, through to conditions such as bipolar, so you can better support your employees.

Home Working Guide

Download the Home Working GuideWorking from home

As we learn to adjust to the “New Normal” navigating working from home, as this is new for many, will become a necessity. Support your workers at home and ensure they are following legal requirement by downloading this guide.

Employee’s Mental Health During COVID Webinar

How to support your employee’s mental health during COVID-19

Mental health blue Monday

The “New Normal” has been a hard adjustment for us all and forced us into new situations. If you notice that some of your employees are struggling but don’t know where to start, then watch our free webinar. Our speakers will provide you with some key action points that you can use that not only help in the short-term but will be beneficial in the future.

The Environmental Legislation 2021 Webinar

Are you prepared for the “ground-breaking” environment act in 2021?


If not, then we can help! We identify some of the key planned environmental changes in 2021 including the following:

The Fire and Building Safety Bills Webinar

Do you understand the Fire and Building Safety Bills?Fire safety

If not, then our webinar is perfect for you. Our expert speakers discuss in detail what these bills mean for you and your business and how you can be best prepared for them.

October Legislation Update Webinar

The October 2020 Legislation Update Webinar

Health and safety law and compliance is a fast and changing landscape. Find out what you may have missed in the latest webinar on topics such as: Books stacked on top of each other

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