At Barbour we like to put our customers first.  Here’s what they have to say about us.

“Skymark Packaging International, a leading independent flexible packaging Manufacturer, has teamed up with Barbour in December 2018.

We have found the Platform to be very helpful in ensuring we meet our Legal obligations and stay abreast of any new developments.

In addition, we have had the opportunity to help shape a project Barbour has been working on, which will further add to our ability to be ahead of the game in all matters of compliance.

The team have been great to work with, the induction process was excellent, and all involved have been very supportive.

We would certainly recommend this service to anyone seeking the best option to be compliant.”

Shaine Gill-Ohrt, Skymark Packaging International

“The Barbour legislation update service is an easy to use, efficient system. It has saved us a great deal of resources in terms of time, that we can now spend on making further improvements to our
site. We are very happy with this service.”

Umaa Mistry, SMC Pneumatics (UK) Ltd

“We purchased the Barbour Ehs Information Service last year complete with the bolt-on chemical and fire sections. The database and regular updates keep me up-to-date and allow adjustments to be made in advance of changing legislation, regulation and standards. I find having all the information I require in one place a time saving and truly massive asset, especially when having to deliver toolbox talks or director briefings coupled with complete PowerPoint presentations which are easily adaptable to our specific organisational field (Ship Building & Ship Repair) while still maintaining the information; this alone saves me hours in not having to start from scratch. The site is incredibly simple to navigate in order to find exactly what you are looking for. I use the subscription almost on a daily basis at work and have been known to use it at home. The system offers great value for money in terms of the time saved in using a ‘one stop shop’ for finding such information. The information provided is written in a language that is simple to understand whilst ensuring that the message is clear relevant and current. An excellent product and outstanding level of service – I would be happy to recommend to anyone.”

Paul Lessiter, Hythe Marine Services Ltd

“We use Barbour EFM on a daily basis to help advise our clients on FM topics that help them to remain totally compliant as a business. We use Barbour to support us with legislation updates, best practice, up to date case law to help our clients understand legal precedence and deliver toolbox talks to support FM’s and their teams on a vast array of subjects. Most recently we supported a client with gas detection equipment for use in confined spaces where our client was likely to expose contractors onto their site to methane gas and what they could do to ensure their safety. Our client read a variety of documents from the HSE, World Health Organisation and Barbour resources with their guide on confined spaces to help them to develop a policy and put in place appropriate risk assessments and processes as a direct result of the advice we gave them from the Barbour EFM system. We can honestly say that without Barbour EFM our clients would
be less informed and less compliant when it comes to FM topics.”

Sarah Whelan, Find New Business

“On behalf of Spence Refit Ltd accompanied with Integr8 Building Services Ltd we would like to say thank you for the services Barbour have provided. As a business Barbour has shown us that one click of a button has answered a lot of our enquiries in relation to health, quality, safety and environment. Special thanks to Joanna Ronan as she has helped not only myself but others guiding them through any queries we had. Keep up the good work. As we meet and succeed the day to day challenges as a business we will endeavor to keep our partnership with Barbour a solid one as we both strive for even safer future.”

Christopher Barnes, Spence Refit Ltd

“I have been using Barbour for almost 4 years now since my appointment as a Protection (Fire Safety) Officer. My initial (and I believe most of Officers) usage was to check current British Standards and other technical documents to ensure we were up to date and maintaining continuity, an important part of our role. Once I became more proficient in its use and speaking to one of your colleagues some time ago, I set up a number of bookmarks within Shared Folders to reduce search time for all of our users so we have access to the more common documents all of the time. Following on from our training session last week to familiarise myself with Administration duties etc. you have now me made me aware of other resources e.g. Technical Guides, Directors Briefing, Record Forms etc. that I believe we will use extensively in the near future as a service. Your training, knowledge and willingness to ensure we get the most from the service is 2nd to none, I am now planning to run some in house familiarisation sessions with all of our officers to ensure we all use
the service to its maximum capability.”

Matthew Canham, Suffolk Fire & Rescue Service

“Akzonobel Ashington have used the Barbour EHS tool for the past 2 years. Within that time we have set up and used on a regular basis the “Legal register” section which has proven exceedingly useful. The updates we receive from the Barbour system with regards to our specific documentation, again have proven very beneficial and indeed when the changes to the waste regulations came into force, we used the briefing to drive a MOC “Management of change” for that section of the Legal register, which covered the changes from “no site licence required” “changes to the transfer and consignment notes”. This led us to provide additional training to our employees with regards to the specific changes to waste notes.”

Nick Turnbull, Akzonobel Ashington