The next Barbour webinar will be taking place in the New Year.

Watch the ‘How do we get business to “own” health and safety?’ Webinar

Our most recent Barbour webinar which was hosted by Heather Beach of The Healthy Work Company, welcomed Dame Judith Hackitt Chair of EEF and SEMTA and Professor Andrew Sharman, Vice President at IOSH. They discussed how you can lead and manage health and safety efficiently and effectively, by sharing with you just what your MBA should have taught you about workplace health & safety.

October 2017 Legislation Update

Watch the ‘October 2017 Legislation Update’ Webinar

The webinar sponsored by EEF saw Dr Simon Joyston-Bechal of Turnstone Law, Anne Davies of Gunnercooke LLP, and Ian Cooke of EEF examine the October Legislation changes. They discussed how the new rules fit in with the 2016 sentencing guidelines, lessons to be learnt from strict sentencing guidelines, how to attach litigation privilege to an investigation and much more.

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Watch the ‘Managing Mental Health Well’ Webinar

This webinar hosted by Heather Beach of The Health Work Company, Martin Coyd of Mace and Clare Forshaw from HSE looks at how to incorporate or improve mental health and wellbeing in your organisations safety culture.

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Watch the ‘Accident Investigation ‘ Webinar

Hosted by Heather Beach of The Healthy Work Company, Dr Patrick Waterson of Loughborough University, Matthew Hazelton a company director and John Dillon of Ryder Marsh. This webinar explores the pitfalls and consequences to be considered in accident investigation from three very different perspectives.

Watch the ‘Transforming Health and Safety without falling foul of the Regulator’ Webinar

Podcast: Hosted by Heather Beach of The Healthy Work Company, watch on demand the panel debate which looks at three organisations who are driving new risk management agendas forward and looking at how to navigate their way through any issues, with the help of a lawyer and a HSE inspector.

Watch the ‘A New Skillset? Employability in the Health and Safety Profession ‘ Webinar

Hosted by Heather Beach of The Healthy Work Company. Anna Keen of Acre Frameworks, Emma Head from HS2 and John Dunne of Wates will debate whether a new skill set is needed in the health and safety profession. They will discuss that having only a technical understanding and knowledge of the law are not enough.

Watch the ‘April 2017 Legislation Update’ Webinar

The webinar, sponsored by Praxis42 and hosted by Lyn Dario of Shulmans, and Zoe Betts of Pinsent Masons examine the impact of the sentencing guidelines one year on including a look at the Alton Towers and G4S cases, Brexit and what lies ahead and HSE and the changes to the fee for intervention dispute process. The expert health and safety lawyers also took live questions on the day.

Watch the ‘Power of Root Cause Analysis’ Webinar

The webinar hosted by Gary Tyne, Engineering Manager & RCA Facilitator/Instructor and Stephen Reeve, EMEA General Manager at ARMS Reliability examine the power of ‘Root Cause Analysis’. The experts in problem-solving discuss various methods for the application of this technique and apply them to real-world case studies.

Watch the October 2016 Legislation Update Webinar

The webinar, hosted by Kevin Bridges of Pinsent Masons LLP, examines the latest October legislation changes. Looking at key areas such as the potential impact of Brexit, the new sentencing guidelines and modern slavery acts. Discussing specifically what these changes mean in practical terms and how they will affect your organisation.

Watch the Wellbeing in the Workplace Webinar

The webinar, hosted by Karl Simons of Thames Water and Clive Johnson of Land Securities PLC, examines the growing importance of wellbeing within an occupational health programme and how to successfully implement this into your organisation, whilst gaining buy-in from employees and the board.

Watch the April 2016 Legislation update Webinar

The webinar, hosted by Simon Joyston-Bechal and Anne Davies, Withers LLP will examine recent changes to health and safety legislation and guidance, including a look at how the Sentencing Guidelines are bedding in.

Watch the Which? Qualification Webinar

This webinar examines the various qualification options, and what each of these career development qualifications offer and which is best for the type of career in health and safety you want to pursue?