Find out why you should tune in or take part in the Barbour webinar series from Stephen Reeve of ARMS Reliability and Sarah Hurcombe of Thames Water. Both of which use the webinars to communicate with their audience and boost learning within their teams respectively.

April Legislation 2020 Webinar

Watch The April 2020 Legislation Update Webinar

Our specialist health and safety lawyer speakers will provide an update on topical Health and Safety law issues, including:

-Managing difficult decisions relating to COVID-19

-Working from home, including 3rd party safety risks

-Legal developments within fire safety in 2020

-Update on food safety legislation


Due to popularity and high volume of questions from the session, some of which have been answered below, we have launched a helpline and inviting practitioner’s to get in touch with their questions.


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Environmental Accident Investigation

Watch the Environmental Accident Investigation Webinar

In this free webinar, we discuss Environmental Accident Investigation.
Leading environment, health and safety lawyer Kevin Elliott (Partner at Eversheds Sutherland) and award winning Barrister Chris Badger (6 Pump Court) will offer practical guidance and provide a fascinating insight into managing an environmental incident, from handling the regulators at the outset through to mitigating the environmental harm and managing the media.
Areas to be covered:

  • Legislative framework
  • Powers of regulators
  • Importance of being prepared in advance
  • Mitigating environmental harm
  • Approach to the regulator
  • Enforcement
  • Media management
  • Sentencing


Watch the Environmental ‘Legislation’ 2020 Update Webinar

In this webinar, we identify and discuss some of the key planned environmental changes in 2020 and environmental compliance from a business perspective.

We cover a number of environmental ‘legislation’ 2020 update topics including:

  • The Environmental Bill
  • Legal developments in relation to plastic (including plastic packaging, the planned deposit return scheme and single-use plastic)
  • Consultations on changes to producer responsibility (in the areas of packaging waste, WEEE and batteries)
  • Consultation on changes to the MEES Regulations
  • The direction of travel at EU level including the EU green deal and the EU Circular Economy Roadmap

We will also be looking at how to comply from a business perspective:

  • Key criteria for businesses to evaluate compliance needs and associated obligations
  • Plastics – Impact of Legal compliance in relation to Recycled content Tax
  • Plastics – Extended Producer Responsibility and PRN from an industry perspective (including BPF & WRAP feedback) Decarbonisation in Packaging – Are all solutions equal and how can business help to overcome the minefield of perceived GHG and geographical/ political variations?
  • Recycling options for the future: what are industry doing to support the Net Zero ambition?


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Driver Safety Webinar

Watch the Driver Safety Webinar

How to put together a business case to improve your driver safety procedures, risks assessments for work driving and how sleep and fatigue can affect driver safety.

Topics covered:

  • Identifying and filling compliance gaps through safety risk assessment for work driving;
  • The business case for improved driver safety procedures;
  • Improved driver engagement, compliance and wellbeing through better safety policies;
  • How strong leadership is needed to deliver sustainable improvement;
  • A look at sleep statistics across the developed world and how sleep impacts health, safety and productivity;
  • A review of some key statistics on driver fatigue, the incidence and attitudes towards drowsy driving;
  • Tell-tale signs, effective and ineffective countermeasures to drowsy driving;
  • Why working hours are not sufficient alone and what you can do to combat this issue.

Watch the October 2019 Legislation Update Webinar

Topics Covered

· Legislation update

· Mental health, What the law is, what the HSE focus is, what you be thinking about?

· How Brexit might affect existing health & safety legislation

· Food allergens, covering the recent Pret / Byron Burger cases and proposals by the Food Standards agency

· Fire safety breaches, tied into the proposed changes for building safety and fire safety following Grenfell and the Hackitt review

· Recent cases update

Watch the Accident Investigation Webinar

Find out how to make accident investigations work for your organisation, crisis management protocol and learn the fundamentals of witness interviews.

Topics covered:

  • The fundamentals of witness interviews.
  • Investigating the PEACE model interview technique, how complex interviews can be if carried out correctly, how to prepare for an interview and how to go about interviewing a witness.
  • How to make accident investigations work for your organisation.
  • How to get the maximum out of an accident investigation and the importance of creating a blame free environment.
  • How to deal with the police and HSE on site in the immediate aftermath following an incident and how to respond to investigations.
  • Crisis management protocol and responding to regulatory investigations.

Watch the Mental Health and Wellbeing Webinar

Where is the workplace mental health agenda headed and how can a nutritional diet at work improve productivity?

Topics covered:

  • Where is the workplace mental health agenda headed?
  • What does high potential wellbeing talent look like and how are the requirements for this type of role evolving?
  • The three things a business should consider to successfully deliver a wellbeing strategy.
  • How can a nutritional diet at work improve productivity and decrease stress?
  • How employers can help improve the culture in workplace wellbeing and the importance of educating employees to ‘fuel themselves better’.
  • Practical tips for improving the culture and reducing the stigma around mental health in the workplace.
legislation update

Watch the April 2019 Legislation Update Webinar

Our April 2019 Barbour webinar, hosted by Ian Hart, SHP Online Editor welcomed Specialist regulatory law practitioners, Dr Simon Joyston-Bechal, Director at Turnstone Law and Sarah Valentine, Senior Associate EHS at Eversheds Sutherland. Health and safety law and securing compliance remains to be an ever important and far reaching area, particularly now in light of unlimited and ever-increasing fines. The expert panel discussed past legislative changes and upcoming ones, plus much more.

Watch the Occupational Health Webinar

13,000 people die a year of occupational diseases compared to 148 deaths from workplace accidents. Mike Slater, president of BOHS, looks at the alarming statistics around occupational health and asks if we are doing enough to protect today’s workers.

Virtual Reality

Watch the ‘Technology in Health and Safety’ Webinar

In our March webinar, the expert panel looked at how disruptive technology is changing the way health and safety practitioners go about their work. They discussed; How virtual reality and augmented reality is reshaping safety training, Practical examples of how technology is being used at Thames Water, Safety and the digital revolution, Connected Buildings and Connected Safety, Future trends in Connected Safety and The role of the safety professional – a ‘future shaper’.

Construction site

Watch ‘What is the future for the Health & Safety practitioner?’ Webinar

During our February webinar, the panel discussed the changing role of health and safety and how the job may look in the future plus what skills and qualifications practitioners may need in years to come. Topics covered included; the perception of health and safety and what can be done to change its image, qualifications that may be required, how teams will be shaped, where does health and safety sit, is it with risk or is it with people?, How ISO 45001 has changed the role, demographics of health and safety practitioners and the role of women in health and safety.

Construction site

Watch the ‘Managing Workers Overseas’ Webinar

Our January Webinar, hosted by Ian Hart, focussed on Managing Workers Overseas. The expert panel included Mike Taylor, Director, SHEQ of Turner & Townsend and Katie Vickery, Partner at Osborne Clarke LLP, who discussed some practical examples of how to handle and manage overseas staff, how health and safety in the UK compares to overseas and an update on global health and safety standards.