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Watch the Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace Post Lockdown Webinar

After two years of social and financial pressures, and with the pandemic still prevalent in our everyday lives, not everyone is comfortable with returning to the workplace in person. During this free 1-hour webinar, Dee Arp, Chief Operating Officer at NEBOSH, and Alexis Powell-Howard, Psychotherapist, TEDx Speaker, and Director of Fortis Therapy, will explore the impact that the pandemic has had upon our employees’ mental health and wellbeing and what you can actually do to support them in returning to the workplace.

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Watch the October Legislation Update 2021 Webinar

Hosted by expert speakers Simon Joyston-Bechal, Director at Turnstone Law, and Martin Baxter, Director of Policy & External Affairs at IEMA, this webinar provides an essential update on the latest requirements and changes within Environment, Health and Safety regulations. This interactive session covers staying within the laws of COVID-19, lessons from recent prosecutions for falls from height, the new allergen labelling law, the Environment Bill, new legally binding environmental targets, The Office for Environmental Protection, and climate-related financial disclosures.

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Watch the Life After Lockdown: Protecting Your Employees in the Workplace and at Home Webinar

During this free one-hour webinar, we cover your obligations and the practicalities of keeping your employees safe after the pandemic – whether in the workplace or working from home. We explore: The legal implications of flexible and hybrid working; Legal obligations for homeworkers; How to conduct a suitable and sufficient homeworking risk assessment; DSE implications: what is reasonable?; How to ensure the workplace remains safe; Dealing with employees who refuse to be vaccinated; Keeping vaccine status records; Dealing with rules around face masks and testing; Dealing with people who are refusing to return to work on health & safety grounds

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Watch the Harnessing a Hybrid Working Model Webinar

During this free seminar, we will explore how you can make hybrid working work for your business in a compliant manner and, help you to consider whether it’s the right model for you. This 1-hour interactive session will cover: How to ensure alignment with your organisational values, aims and objectives, Key considerations for employers, Why one size does not fit all, Practical suggestions, Legal considerations, Does Health & Safety still apply, What equipment do you have to provide and and What does the law say from a Health & Safety perspective.

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Watch An introduction to the new international standard, ISO 45003 Webinar

We have invited expert speaker Kate Field from BSI to cover the following topics;

  • Background to the development of the standard, including which organizations can use it
  • The relationship between ISO 45001 and ISO 45003
  • The structure and key highlights of the standards

You can download the full Q&A here.


Watch The Environmental Legislation 2021 Update webinar

In this webinar, you’ll hear from expert speakers Martin Baxter, Director of Policy and External Affairs at IEMA and Begonia Filgueira, Partner Acuity Law and MD ERIC Group Ltd on the following topics; The Environment Bill including long-term legally binding targets, New ‘green watchdog’ – the Office for Environmental Protection, Policy Statement on Environmental Principles, 6th Carbon Budget and Corporate reporting.

Re-opening work after covid

Watch the April 2021 Legislation Update webinar

Our April 2021 Legislation Update webinar will provide an update on health & safety legislation, including the latest advice on staying within the laws on Covid-19, staff returning to the workplace, vaccination requirements and how far do you have to go on social distancing arrangements.

Fire safety

What these Bills mean to you: Fire and Building Safety Webinar

In this webinar, we have Matthew Canham from the National Fire Chiefs Council covering The Fire Safety Bill and The Building Safety Bill, and answering your burning questions on these topics.

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Watch the Environmental Legislation in 2021: Preparing for a ‘ground-breaking’ Environment Act and other key developments Webinar

In this webinar, we identify and discuss some of the key planned environmental changes in 2021 and environmental compliance from a business perspective. We will cover: The Environment Bill: is this the ‘ground-breaking’ legislation the Government has promised?, UK REACH: the new regime for chemicals regulation, Carbon law: the return of UK ETS and the growing focus on carbon reporting, Air quality, water quality and waste management: a new approach post Brexit?

Mental Heath in the workplace

Watch the Supporting Your Employees’ Mental Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic Webinar

Rob Stephenson and Heather Beach are two of the leading lights in the mental health and wellbeing world and we are delighted to bring you this session where they will pass on their wisdom to you in terms of structuring your programme to support your employees in this difficult time. Highly practical, this session will give you some actions you can take in the short, medium and long term. Topics include: The WHY and how to inspire your senior team, The basics of your training needs analysis and some really quick wins, The form score and how you can use it to improve psychological safety

legislation update

Watch the October 2020 Legislation Update Webinar

Health and safety law and securing compliance remains to be an ever-important and far-reaching area, particularly now in light of Covid-19. Specialist regulatory law practitioners, Kizzy Augustin, Partner at Russell-CookandSimon Joyston-Bechal, Director of turnstone Law, will provide an update on topical issues, such as:

  • Returning to the workplace in times of Covid-19
    • Important issues to address and where are we with Covid-19 investigations or prosecutions so far?
  • The Fire Safety Bill 2020 / Building Safety Bill 2020
  • Workplace mental health and wellbeing, particularly with World Mental Health Day on 10 October 2020
    • Impact of Covid-19
    • What are workplaces doing to raise awareness and support employees?
    • Relevant cases involving workplace stress and wellbeing issues

Watch the 45001 and an approach to Legal Registers webinar

Fill out this form and discover all of this:

  • Introduction to ISO 45001 –what it covers and how it compares with OSHAS 18001, plus a reminder on migration deadline
  • Who’s using ISO 45001 –the types and geographical location of companies
  • Why are organisations using ISO 45001? The role of ISO 45001 in support of trade, SDGs, global pandemics and organizational resilience
  • You’ve got ISO 45001 –how do you keep it? Some non-conformity trends
  • Developing your legal register –the good, the bad and the ugly
  • Legal and other requirements compliance. Vs. ISO 45001 conformance